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Explore insightful conversations with founders and CEOs of leading businesses in Australia and abroad. 

Episode 9

Christian Eckelmann | The Ultimate Reward for Customer Loyalty

Hear from Christian Eckelmann, CEO and C0-Founder of Upstreet as he unveils the story behind Upstreet, delving into its inception, operational insights, future vision, customer dynamics, data-driven strategies, and his personal life philosophy.


Episode 8

David Price | Buy Now Pay Later for Businesses

Hear from David Price, Co-Founder and Global CEO of Bizpay as he unveils his personal career journey, traces the origin of Bizpay, discusses the nuances of business-to-business opportunities, recruitment launch decisions, team building strategies, distribution channels, profitability prospects, future aspirations, and the guiding life philosophy encapsulated in a quote.


Episode 7

Peter Davey | Global Pioneers in the Micronutrients Industry

Hear from Peter Davey, Managing Director and CEO of Clover Corporation as he shares his personal career journey, explores the inception of Clover Corporation, its unique products, regulatory challenges, anticipated demand, ongoing product development, growth projections, staff retention strategies, asset protection measures, future outlook, and Peter's life motto.


Episode 6

Alex Teoh | Changing What’s Possible in Payments

Hear from Alex Teoh, Co-Founder and CEO of Mint Payments as he recounts his journey from management consulting to founding Mint Payments, navigating challenges, specialising in the travel industry amidst the pandemic, unveiling Mint's long-term plans, recruitment strategies, staff retention ethos, and Alex's guiding life motto.


Episode 5

Paul Billing | Breaking Barriers with FX and Fintech

Hear from Paul Billing, Co-Founder and CEO of Send Payments as he shares his journey leading to the creation of Send Payments, delves into its business case, target customer base, unique market positioning, customer advantages over traditional banking, partnership dynamics, performance evaluation, future goals, revenue projections, opportunities for involvement, and Paul's cherished life quote.


Episode 4

Rob Nankivell | Digitally Transforming the Investor Experience

Hear from Rob Nankivell, Co-Founder and Managing Director of iPartners as he shares his background, introduces iPartners, reflects on lessons learned, discusses market size and growth projections, highlights iPartners' unique selling points, user engagement metrics, growth opportunities, future trajectory, recruitment strategies, and Rob's personal favorite quote.


Episode 3

Alex Birrell | Innovating in the Respiratory Protection Industry

Hear from Alex Birrell, CEO of CleanSpace Technology about CleanSpace's innovative creation, delve into Alex's personal and professional background, explore the company's mission, target market dynamics amid the pandemic, manufacturing details, what sets CleanSpace apart, market opportunities, business model intricacies, data capabilities, long-term plans, accessibility for personal use, and Alex's favorite quote.

Episode 2

Peta Shulman | A Leader in the Health Food Ecommerce Industry

Hear from Peta Shulman, Founder and Director of GoodnessMe as she shares her journey from the PR industry to founding GoodnessMe, insights into the company's unique approach to health foods, future opportunities, business model, and the three-year plan.


About the podcast

The Kelly+Partners Investment Office Podcast features interviews with the CEOs of some of Australia’s leading businesses. Hosted by Co-Chief Investment Officers Anoop Kalra and Brett Kelly, this podcast is a rare inside opportunity to hear from the CEOs of our investee companies.

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